Monday, September 26, 2005



Eli and I are in Philadelphia for our second day of staging- everything is going really well! There are about 42 people in our group which seems huge to me! Biology teachers are a minority. We're staying in a very nice hotel (Sheraton) and the PC gave us each $200 spending money. There's been a lot of training, getting to know everyone else, etc. We fly tomorrow to Johanesburg, South Africa and spend the night there before flying to Maputo. Once there we'll stay in a hotel for a few days to adjust and get more training, so it may be a while before I update the blog (they confine us to the hotel). All of this pre-departure orientation is making us really excited to go!


Saturday, September 24, 2005


Preparing for Staging

In less that 12 hours Eli and I fly out for Philadelphia, where we get 2 days of training. On the 27th we fly for Mozambique, arriving on the 29th! We've been packing for the last 2 days, but how do you fit 27 months worth of everything you'll need into suitcases?
I'm not nervous about leaving, and Eli is only slightly. I'm almost impatient for the trip to start- we've been waiting for almost 9 months. Regular updates will come once we're in Maputo, the capital of Moz.


First Post!

EDIT: This blog is about our time in Peace Corps Mozambique (2005-2007) as part of Moz 10. While it's written for friends and family, it's open to the public for anyone who is interested in Peace Corps, Mozambique, or who just wants to stalk us. Also, this blog in no way reflects the views of the Peace Corps or the US Governement. Enjoy!

Just setting up the blog and seeing how it works. We leave tomorrow at 7:10am for Philly

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