Friday, December 14, 2007



We arrived today in Zambia (the town of Livingstone). Our organized tour through drifters is over! It seemed to go by so fast, and now we're on our own. We had a great time in northern Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe though. Tomorrow we're going white water rafting on the Zambezi river, which should be intense- lots of class 5 rapids! After that we head up to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

Monday, December 03, 2007


trip report-- southern africa

After spending a few days in maputo we took a bus to Jo'burg and flew that same night to Cape Town.  We're doing an overland tour with Drifters, which started the next day.  We're in a group of 9 people (all European or Canadian), all really nice, and 1 guide, in a huge truck.  So far the trip has been great, we've climbed Table Mountain in Cape Town, gone to the Cape of Good Hope, done wine tasting, and traveled up from Cape Town across the coast of Namibia.  Yesterday we visited the sand dunes (which are enormous and amazing), before that we spent 2 days at Drifters' private desert camp, where we saw a lot of Oryx and Springbok (a type of gazelle) and did a night drive.  We've also been to the Fish River Canyon, the 3rd largest in the world.  The food has been good, our guide cooks, we eat a lot of meat (barbeques often), and have to help with dishes every 3rd day.  Usualy we camp, and Eli and I have been sleeping under the stars, although today we bought a sleeping bag as it's been getting chilly.  Also today Eli is out quad biking in the sand dunes which sounds really fun.  (I'm going white water rafting at Vic Falls instead).  Tomorow we will go back to the Namibian desert to see some other sites (mountains and cave paintings) then head up to Etosha national park for 2 days of animals, and then onwards to Okavango delta (for more animals)

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