Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Moving Day

Well, today is the day, we're moving into the new house! Moving is a lot of work, I am realizing. The new place is nice and has a good location, although the roof is still a little leaky, and there's a definite lack of furniture. I wish we had not abandoned most of our stuff when we moved out of the school! It'll be fun though, to have a more normal peace corps housing situation.

Also, we have a new school director, and he seems pretty interested in our projects. He is going to help get everything squared away for the Rotary Club library project and is fine with us taking kids and teachers to Nampula for our conference in April.

Will send out an update of our living conditions in a few weeks.

Monday, March 03, 2008



This weekend I have been in Mocuba filming for the first movie of my DVD project. The Mocuba theater group has a lot of talented people and I think it's going to turn out to be a good, and fairly interesting (and dramatic) movie. I was hoping to start filming earlier, but now I have three more groups who are interested and/or close to ready to film, not including my own group in Ile. So that's progress. I've also been working on a promotional video for the Science Fair, which I hope to have completely finished by this next weekend.
In April I will be at the Northern JOMA conference, and there I'll be giving a hand as an organizer, and also filming a promotional video of that. So I'm having a lot of fun with the cameras. Yes, we have to cameras, Eli's step-dad donated one to us for the project, and that's going to make the films a lot better, we have every scene filmed from two angles which makes editing easier.
We are still in our old house. We were planning to move when the missionaries returned, because we needed their help with the car, however on their way back from their trip the car broke- so we may not move for a little while yet!!
Hope everyone is well,


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