Wednesday, February 27, 2008


our new house

Our house is the cement one in back- the mud house in the front here is a small, 2 room place that we had made for a student, Renee, who will be living there and working for us. In exchange for the house and his meals he is going to do our cooking, dishes, and general cleaning. We are also going to take care of whatever basic needs he has. He used to live 12Km outside of town, so it was a long way for him to commute to school.

This is inside our house- this is Renee and Eli. They are standing in the hallway looking into Jessica's (our roommate) new room. The door in the picture has already been put in.

This is us, with one of the construction workers, and with Jessica, the new PCV, in front of our new house. We arranged to have the little 'cabana' on the left built, to have a shady place to sit with visitors, and also a small brick latrine, which you can see in the back on the left side. The house is fairly large, and should be a fun place to live. It's very close to the school and is right in the middle of the community, which are bonuses.

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