Tuesday, June 03, 2008



Well, a lot of time has passed since my last post! I'm now in Maputo, about to COS. Eli is still in Ile, she'll come to the US in July for a month of home leave, and then return to Mozambique until December. Friday, June 6th is my last day as a volunteer and on the 9th I fly back. Crazy times!

Eli, This is Buddy Sasquach. I keep loosing your info and do not ever write and such as a result. The blog is nice and the comments help me feel like I'm at a gathering. I live in the Keweenaw Peninsula and have a big work week, not unrelated. Please write me with your address. sasquach2@hotmail.com Great to see your well and working. Great to see your good too. Great to hear that Ivy Grace found warmth and commitment for a fammily. I am an elegable batchlor right now. I dont really care for the perks of single life, so the search continues. May Peace B w/ U.
Love, Buddy
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